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Superiority isn't complex

Rotund hamfucks and string-bean needle necks will vehemently claim their superiority. Jokes on you weenie, real goons laugh at you on the daily. Seeing fat, weak, stupid, NEET neckbeards talk as if they are above ANYTHING never fails to make me laugh. That hominem big brain philo 101 shit? Post up or post physique you chunky pseudointellectual manbaby. Yeah we are attacking YOU because you are the classic definition of a loser and 400 years ago we'd take you out back and bash you in the head with a big friggin stick for wanting to wax poetic about... well anything really. If you're a grown man you don't need to say "Men are stronger than women". No shit. If you feel the absolute need to say this, you are the frail noodle armed outlier. All women suck anyways, right? Ever think the problem is you, chief? Swiping right on Tinder won't find you your wheatfield waifu, not because she isn't out there, but because your an out of shape insufferable dweeb, not the Chad you think yourself to be.

You aren't special because of your race; your race should be special because of you. If you aren't a paragon of whatever group you belong to, don't claim it as your free ride. You group yourself with real hitters and you fucking suck. Don't do that. Nobody gives a single fuck about your choice in who puts the boot on your neck. The ethnostate won't happen when your "army" is built like a girl scout troop and they have less experience in real physical violence than a Tumblr poet. Burning books, gimme a fucking break. Gain power first you fucking flashy bundle of sticks. What's that quote? Any man who has to say he's a killer isn't a fucking killer? Stop talking about being superior AND FUCKING BE SUPERIOR.

Vibe check nigga


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