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Birth Control: Prescribed Social Poison.

This post isn’t talking about sex. It isn’t about politics.

Only the facts and impacts of synthetic hormones on our bodies, and the lies, that everyone deserves to know about.

It might be a long effort post, but very important.

I urge everyone to read, as it impacts us all.


Hormonal birth control was made available for contraceptive use in 1960, only 61 years ago.

Within that short period of time we have seen government officials lie to us, our water becoming tainted with hormones, women dying from using it, and a huge influx in hormonal issues in humans and animals.

There are no age restricting laws on birth control.

Children are often prescribed brith control.

We’ve seen men with the lowest levels of testosterone in history which began to decline 20 years after birth control was made available and disposed of.

85 man-made chemicals, including some medications, are commonly slipping through municipal treatment systems and ending up in our tap water.

We know it’s severely impacting aquatic animals.

The combined sedentary lifestyle, hormones, poor diet, and drugs will cause men to end up infertile if this doesn't change.


Researchers ignored the truth about side effects and didn’t investigate the cause of women’s deaths.

To gain FDA approval, large-scale human clinical trials of the pill began among Puerto Rico’s poor, uneducated women in 1956.

Even though the local doctor in charge told researchers that the pill causes “too many side reactions to be generally acceptable,” the warning was ignored.

Three women died during those trials. The cause of their deaths was never investigated.

Read this wild human testing shit:

ignore the feminism.


Researchers lied about the purpose of the initial studies and gave the pill to mental patients without direct consent.

When human trials of the pill began in 1954, researchers lied and claimed that the study was about infertility. In addition to volunteers, the pill was given to 12 female and 16 male psychiatric patients without their direct consent.

Birth control became the first FDA-approved drug to be given to healthy patients for long-term use and for social purposes.

Pill manufacturer GD Searle denied pill deaths were caused by blood clots.

The pill manufacturer, GD Searle, received reports of 132 blood clots, 11 of which were fatal.

The manufacturer denied these deaths were caused by the pill, though there is well-documented evidence that the pill greatly increases the risk of blood clots and resultant strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that women with no conventional risk factors who use the pill have twice the risk of heart attack. Adding risk factors makes the risk of heart attacks soar, giving some women up to 23 times greater risk of heart attack than women who do not take the pill.

It is now proven that birth control can and does cause death via clots.

Women are still dying in modern time from this.


Women are told the pill prevents some cancers and, overall, is a negligible factor in cancer.

But the research shows dramatic increases in cancer for pill users. The estrogen found in birth control pills is listed as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization and the National Toxicology Advisory Council.


The entire industry built around birth control was a lie. They experimented on us all.

They don’t know if it’s safe, in fact they knew it wasn't.

We simply cannot trust the people who make money off of us to be honest when their track record proves they are not to be trusted.


I had two strokes at 19 while on the patch to help with my pain. I was told it didn't happen the first time I went to the doctor, then I was told it must be because I was smoking, I don’t smoke.

I didn’t know I was having strokes, I thought that there was no way! I have no family history, I don’t fall into any of the “high risk” groups.

I eat healthy, exercise, take care of myself, I couldn’t be having strokes?

I wonder how many other women simply don’t know. Possibly had them in their sleep, or won't show any symptoms like many other young women before they die.


It is very clear this was always for cash and ease.

I strongly encourage women to pull away from hormonal birth control.

I strongly encourage people, especially men, to drink well water when possible.

I strongly encourage parents to wait until their child has matured before even considering altering their hormones.

We are not test rabbits, and we are not cash cows.

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Monty Hansen
Monty Hansen
Mar 26, 2021

Awesome read this was. i have lived on farms most my life so drinking rain water from our tank is what we always do town water sucks and tastes different

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