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I tend to overthink things, it's something I attribute it to not wanting to suck at everything on my first go around. Really that's a trash way of going about life. There's this modern fear of missing out, that's why everyone is filming everything and normal folks have a three digit body count. But that fear only extends to something that isn't outside our comfort zone. Gotta make sure we can do all those things from your couch on an app. The grass that you gotta mow (based and rural pilled) is always greener, that shit across the hill is just stagnant fake ASTROturf (cringe and urbanpilled) every time.

One of my biggest overthoughts is health. I program routines and diets and this and that, but I'll read an article a week after and go back to the drawing board. This shit will bother me so bad I'll skip the gym because my program "isn't right". I would stress for days (sometimes weeks) over optimizing my workouts. After years of introspection I finally realized: nothing will ever be perfect. There is no goldilocks plan. I was dumb for ever believing there could be. This extends further out to other issues in life as well.

"I need to think about it"

If I had a dollar for everytime I've heard this (or said it myself) I'd be able to buy all you can eat sushi at the place down the road for a whole week, so whatever 18.99 seven times is.

Me chasing the sushi

Nothing is going to be optimal, and that's ok. This may be the only situation where "good enough" is acceptable. Generally if its not gonna kill you instantaneously, just go for it. Lifting is an easy example. Lifting routines aren't going to physically end your existence, so if you don't have one: fuck it, just go pick something up. Got good friends that hit you with plans out of the blue? I guarantee you have nothing going on. I know you are sitting there on social media trying to find a way out of hanging out. Go spend time with real people. There's something addictive about doing nothing. Why run when you can walk? Why walk when you can stand? Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lay? So on and so forth. Something is better than nothing every single time, Action over Inaction.

Anyways this is my new workout split that I have set in stone for the time being. I called it deathgrounds, based off a Sun Tzu quote about when you are in death grounds you must fight. I like cool names, what can I say? Ask me questions if you want on the page, and buy my stuff so we can camp out together.

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Bernard Smith
Bernard Smith
2022년 3월 28일

I've also had to let myself live with "Okay practice today is better than perfect practice never." Whether it's working out, painting miniatures, or fixing my car. Bargain brand oil now is better than Royal Purple in 3,000 miles. I think someone else said it better than me:

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