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1) Facebook banned me again. I cannot stress how fucking lame and retarded that platform is. Social media as a whole just feels like a black hole these days. It just sucks you in and makes you all slop headed.

Get a forum thread going of witty quips I can put after RÛNE GOØN 2: _________

2) Screaming makes your neck bigger. I don't have science but just look at the dudes who scream a lot. Huge fucking necks.

3) Merch is still in the pipeline. I want it to be right, you know? Right artist, right design, and right material; it may take some time to get it all out together but I swear it'll happen. Eventually.

4) I straight tearing up on my walk with my dog I was listening to the end of Vengeful Spirit (HH book 27?). It's a book and it doesn't matter, yeah yeah; but fuck man it's hard not to feel when you've felt like those dudes. Not hulking transhuman turbobully rockheads (Luna Rockheads, feel me?) but I've had the war experience so I kinda get the feel. Anyway I reach the part where Garviel Loken sees one of the last Luna Wolves get smoked by Horus. Garvy gets hyper-pissed that Horus killed his bro so he stands up with a grevious wound and gives a badass valediction. He says he was never a Son of Horus, but always a Luna Wolf and that he would stand at every world, every city, every single wall that Horus tries to take. That he would fight him with every bolter, every sword, and every fist at his command. And that no matter what, even if Horus wins, that as long as Loken breathes that his victories will be hollow, and taste like ash. Then he blows the Vengeful Spirit's deck window out and everyone gets shot into fucking space. I love that shit, really gets me going. Tfw you'll never have your boys witness your oath of moment.

5) Speaking of which, go on more walks. I've been walking my dog for about 30 minutes every morning and it really gets the day started right. Give my boy a little workout (I make him jump over this knee high retaining wall a few times or sprint the back yard before we go) and I listen to some books and get the blood flowing since my body is a fucking proverbial trainwreck.


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