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The Primeval Initiative

The Primeval Initiative is a return to the roots. It's a deep reverence for nature, an unending desire to see the physical specimen one can make of themselves, and forging brothers stronger than steel. It's a dissociation with the new world, using the modernist's creations for our gain. It's riding the sabertooth tiger. It's learning from old dusty tombs in a dank library, it's lifting in the elements with your brothers, and it's a cleansing of the soul with the majesty of mother earth. It's Neolithic man in a post modern world and we don't give a fuck about your social media followers or brand new device, we just wanna hunt mammoths with the boys, and by flint and fire that's what we will do. TOGETHER STRIVING FORWARD UNTO THE PAST, REKINDLING THE ASHES OF PRIMAL MAN.


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