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Do Both

I enjoy watching the fringe "anti-rule" groups polarizing into frail nerds with anime pics who only read the cliff notes of books, write half assed manifestos, and REEE about how to make shitty governments less shitty. Meanwhile we are cultivating a group of dudes into TURBRO FUCKTRUCKS who devour books, hurl boulders, bonk litterbugs in truck stop shitters, reject normie gooberment ideology, and share pics of Conan & 40k.

Yes, but also no.

The whole "division of labor" shit is for simps. YOU CAN DO BOTH AND YOU SHOULD DO BOTH. You should be smart and strong, why the fuck not? You don't get to be "just intellectual" yet. All those Greek Philosopher dudes these twinks meme about went to fucking war or they were busy getting joocie with some Kallos Sthenos. They had gangs of dudes who worked out and did big brain thinking shit too. Pencil neck cope is real and they will be hurled into the goober pit. The best part is: they think they will be leaders.

Apparently Socrates was the first to say "Lift, pussy"

Dudes who think they're gonna be the catalysts and rulers of the new age because they memorized everything Julius Evola wrote instead of the dudes who are lifting big ass weights, planting trees, reading rockhead literature, wrestling their neanderbros, and getting a hot barbarian babe to pop out heirs to their skull throne. Those essay scribbling dorks are gonna be knuckledragger bag lunches.

"Come with us if you wanna thrash dorks, get babes, and sling iron"


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