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Shit I've been listening to

I posted something like this a long ass time ago and I figured its make a semi decent post. I like different music for different shit and these are a few bands I've been blasting for the last few months.

• Grima

I never like entire record labels, but Naturmacht is pretty close to 100% in my book. I subbed to them on YouTube a while back and that's how I found the dark atmospheric black metal duo, Grima. Black robed, masked, and playing in the frozen north: that's how I like my black metal. The twist of ecogang was a nice addition too if I must say so. Russian twin brothers with the stage names Morbius and Vilhelm, these fellas know how to use strange and different instruments without sounding too try hard. I've been listening to Will of the Primordial mostly (their newest album) and I've listened to it start to finish more than ten times.

IF YOU LIKE: Ultar or Mgła's slower stuff LISTENSCAPE: gardening at night on full blast to terrify your WASP neighbors. TRACK: "The Moon and its Shadow" or "The Sorror Bringer" • Red Fang

These dudes sound is how you feel after getting blasted off homebrew and creme brulee eggs the previous night, walking up at 9 am, drinking a whole red Gatorade, and running out your door to your buddy Reptile Jeff's place to play D&D for 8 hours straight. While that sounds cool to me, I dont feel that's a sell for most people so: Red Fang is beer drinking music, simple as. If you are into early Mastodon and/or have ever shot gunned a Pabst double wide then you'll love these dudes.

The double wide

IF YOU LIKE: Black Tusk, Clutch LISTENSCAPE: Driving on a swampy backroad with your best friends trying not to run into skunk apes or Gary Busey's ghost TRACK: "Hank is Dead" or "Dirt Wizard" • Colter Wall Shooo weeee! Me n the ol lady done went and saw ol Manitoba Man Colter Wall LIVE the other day. Yall ever hear "Big Iron" live? I did and Marty would have been proud. Country western music was dying with the rise of pop country trash, so it's nice to see a real cowpoke playing some good bluesy prairie tunes. Sleeping on the Blacktop has to be his best album, the whole damn thing is rock solid. Dudes voice is deep enough to make you shit your pants on the low notes too. This dude is bring back the murder ballad, and goddamn it whi the hell doesn't love a song about shooting cheatin whores? Also Brock Lesnar is a big fan I guess, which seemed to be a huge deal because of a tweet or something. IF YOU LIKE: Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins LISTENSCAPE: Drinking whiskey at midnight 1) in your dark kitchen alone OR 2) at some honkytonk with a big ass belt buckle singing along. TRACK: "Kate McKinnon", "Snake Mountain Blues", or "Caroline",


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Jan 15, 2020 I find this song best to fire me up for anything, lyricaly mostly


Hey anyone like Harms Way? Lead guy is juicy


Dec 30, 2019

Good stuff. Since i quit Facebook only thing i miss is goons posts, any other platform out there? Telegram? Instagram?


Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger
Dec 24, 2019

Will check those out. Some recommendations for metal:

Sammath- Across the Rhine is only death

Blood- inferno

Imprecation- Damnatio ad Bestias

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