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Your lady + GYM = how???

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

By request, I'll be breaking down some ways you can get females to embrace the temple of iron with you.

If you're a dude and you don't exercise, fix that. I don't need to say more.

How to get your woman to lift:

I have good news, I have bad news.

Bad news first: 

You cannot convince women to do anything. 


Good news: 

You cannot convince women to do anything....if they know you are trying to convince them. 

So, what does that even mean?

She has to decide to do it "on her own." No, I'm not saying give up or accept that a whale-of-a-woman is your fate. Women hate being told to do anything. People in general hate to be told what to do.

Don't ask me why, but they'll do the polar opposite just to spite you.

You should not tell your lady "you need to go to the gym."

They'll begin to think that it's because they're not good enough for you. Or even worse, you think they're just ugly and fat.

If I have to explain why you wouldn't want to deal with that, just close out of this, because It's already over.


Ok, so now we've all agreed that the best route is to have your lady decide on her own, is there something we can do to inherently lead to that?


1.) Offer to pay for her membership or whatever stupid classes she likes (yes, even upside-down-hot-yoga with cats.) And maybe offer to buy her gym clothing that she feels comfortable in.

2.) Talk about how important lifting is to you and how you want her to support it. Try to plan your gym time around when she could potentially go with you. DO NOT mention how she should be going with you at these times.

3.) Make an environment where the culture is gym-related and she also has your support.

I cannot stress how often I see men tell their women to lift and bring them to the gym only to abandon her at the weight section or have her do his "huge dong bear muscle building" routine.
Ask yourself, why isn't she enjoying the gym? Is she just lazy, is she uncomfortable, is she alone, or is she ashamed? There IS a reason.

If you're feeling dangerous and tried everything else, provoke the beast some.

Find a men's fitness magazine with some muscle babes and "accidentally" leave it open in view. Or briefly mention an "empowered" girl (stefi cohan) who was pulling a huge deadlift. Think "admiration" not sex. ONLY do this with women you have no possibility to speak to as well, you don't want her feeling like you're cheating/lusting.

She's probably gonna be mad and jealous, but when women feel like there's no threat to the security of their relationship, they get comfortable. Women are competitive for male attention by nature but don't make her feel like she's competing directly. Just uhhhh don't be a dick about it.


1.) Buy her weights/gym membership when she didn't ask or want for it

2.) Try to "bully" her into it

3.) Anything negative about her appearance

4.) Tell her to lift with no clear program, instruction, or assistance

5.) Have her run a mens program or what you're doing as a male

6.) Expect her to be a frazetta if you aren't


  1. Listen to what makes her comfortable

  2. Be kind and patient

  3. Take a few days, even weeks, to properly show her lifts

  4. Have her run a female's program

  5. Make it fun/a date

  6. Positive affirmation for effort


The last section of this post is going to be about honesty.

Not for her, but you.

You need to ask yourself how important your partners gym activity is to you? You cannot ask someone who has never been interested in being athletic to become a regular gym attendee and then get upset when they won't. That's on you for expecting them to change their core personality.

You need to either accept that your woman might never lift, or find one that already does if it's a deal breaker for you. You cannot change the cycle of the tides.

Finally, anyone who gets upset that you attend the gym just because you're going to the gym is a fucking dork.

I'm talking about the few who claim "you spend too much time at the gym" while they refuse to go with you. Unless you're spending all your time there and slacking off responsibility all I hear is "stop bettering yourself because I'm insecure."

I'm not saying you should dump them, but why wouldn't you.

If you guys ever need assistance with female programming or anything boob-fitness related let us know.


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12 ความคิดเห็น

12 ม.ค. 2563

My wife has zero desire; which I’ve accepted because; like you said, can’t force her haha however by lifting at my home and being an example my daughter is now interested and wanting to learn and work. Sometimes you just have to be the example.


12 ม.ค. 2563

Started teaching training to my girlfriend at home. It helps that she was a former competitive gymnast and wanted to get a better body shape and booty. Starting with simple bodyweight/dumbbell/elastic bands full body workout to get her used to it. And now that she's got some mastery on it I'm teaching her some harder and more useful movements. Like dumbbell deadlift, dumbbell OHP, goblet squat. When she'd have milked most of those different stuff at home, and want to make further progress, then she'll probably be motivated to either build a home gym, or train where I do. Go gradually, it's about building habits first and foremost, and go at the other one's pace while increasing in complexity/intensity gradually.


12 ม.ค. 2563

@Sebastian look at Brett Contreras content, and book Strong Curves. It's geared toward women. He is a pro about glutes too.


Aspect of Lorkhan
Aspect of Lorkhan
12 ม.ค. 2563

based post fam


My wife lifts with me and can put on muscle better than any woman I’ve ever met. She just comes from outstanding stock, both her parents were body builders in the 70s and 80s. I’ve been looking for a program for her to follow since i think it’d help her with gains and maybe with some of her trepidation doing free weights.

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