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Southbound Split

You are probably sick of looking at training splits I post, but that's ok, I'm not tired of posting them. I was talking with Mean Dean the other day about splits and routines. He said he had been running something pretty minimal and that he wanted to know what my split looks like (Dean pulls 2×BW mind you so he isn't a slouch). I said sure and sent him a screenshot of what I've been tinkering with for a while. He said he liked it but had a hard time figuring out my dumbass lingo. That's fair. So I wrote him something up very similar and more specific (based on the weak points he said he had in his big 3). After I looked over it for a long time I realized that I really really like this split because I think it has everything you need after moving on from a full body type split. - Fuckloads of upper back work - Unilateral leg work - Posterior chain focus - Balanced time in the gym - Isolation work for closeted bodybuilders - Variable intensity and volume on main lifts - Spot for underworked muscles (neck/grip/calves) - Time to live your life Now it isn't perfect for everyone, but not everything is. I still do some pull aparts/dad pulls, pushdowns, and ham curls daily with my little band just to build up some volume and stay tight (if I get loose I will fall apart like a wet gingerbread man). There is a lot of influence from Westside with the assistance and overall outline, but I am not a big fan of dynamic work; mostly because I don't have bands and chains, and I'm personally not totally convinced on its merits for raw lifters, but I'm not nearly as smart as Louie. One day I will write a big ass ebook on my training ideology but today isn't that day so here is the split.

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Good write, liking the volume too. Got my soul rocked today doing some different dynamic work with bands. Haven't had a full leg pump like that in a while.

Me gusta
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