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Revisiting Feeders/Extra work

I'm fairly certain that I’ve written about this before but it demands repeating. One of the most outlandish training fallacies I've ever heard is the idea that you simply CANNOT train a muscle group 2 days in a row. Lets ignore all the athletes and laborers who use the exact same muscles day in and day out, and focus on the (mostly fake) training routines of "IFBB pros" posted on Men's Health type sites.

Neurologically doing the same lift day in and day out you will become really fucking good at it. Look at Olympic weightlifting for the best example. Lots of those cats do nothing except clean & jerk, snatch, and some kinda squat. But they are really good at those 3 things. Are they overtrained? Not likely. CNS fatigue? Lmao shut your goofy ass up. Your CNS recovers from a max effort session like 15 minutes post workout, and if that is "fatigued" you have bigger issues. I won't talk about nucleus overload or whatever the fuck shirtless dudes wanna talk about on their YouTube channel for drama views. It's a simple concept: do more, get more.

What did Louie Simmions of Westside Barbell and Rich Piana (RIP) have in common? They regularly train the same muscle groups consecutively. Louie called them extra workouts for general physical preparedness; lots of high rep stuff with low weight to get some blood moving and get a little rehab/prehab work in. Rich used what he called Feeder Workouts. They were just 15-20 minutes of pure volume with light weights looking to get the biggest pump you possibly could. Just think about this for a second: What makes muscles grow? Rebuilding. Nutrients are required for this, carried by the blood. Get blood into your muscles and you get more nutrients, more recovery, easier rebuild.

If or when Louie ever dies I imagine this is what the Hall of Heros will be like.

It only makes sense that the more you train a muscle the bigger it gets. So I'll list below a few protocols that you can use for specific purposes.

• Soviet Experiment

This is what I've been doing for a few weeks now EVERY SINGLE DAY. My idea is to hit an upper/lower motion every day for a set number of reps. I do some kind of Pushup with a Hinge (I love hindu push ups with kettlebell swings) one day, and the next I do some kind of Squat with a Pullup (hindu squats and chin ups are my favorite here). Somewhere between 50 to 200 reps for each (25-100 for pullups). I do this on days I lift as a little pre-session cardio where I have a time cap of around 10 minutes and on my off days I keep it under 20 minutes, which let's me get more reps and rest. If you are wondering, yes this is an Aleksandr Karelin reference.

• Sleeve Shredder

Arms every day? Yeah man absolutely. A real simple Band Pushdown and Band Curl are the best here, you want movements that are easy on your elbows so nothing like skullcrushers or heavy ass barbell curls. I have also used hammer curls with light dumbbells with solid results. You'll be doing 4 sets of each exercise, alternating with the tabata protocol. 20 seconds of triceps, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds biceps, 10 seconds rest, on and on until you’ve done this 4 times for each exercise. I would toss this in at least 6 hours before or after lifting, so if you wanna do this one make sure you have a little something at home.

• Wide Load

I did this back in 2015 to get broad as hell for beach season. This is a simple Pullup and Shoulder Raise combo that really enhances your V taper. For pullups switch your grip up daily and do 1-3 ladders (1 rep, rest 10 sec, 2 reps, rest 10 sec, 3 reps rest 10 sec...). Stop increasing reps when you get near failure and start over for another ladder. For the Raises, Lateral Raises are preferred but Rear/Front Raises or Pull Aparts are alright to sub in every now and again. You'll wanna do one set to failure then rest a little bit, do another set where you try to get at least 50% of the reps you had on the failure set. Like the Arm Workout, try to get 6 or more hours between this and lifting, I like doing this in the morning after a few easy shoulder circles to warm up.

• Watson's Way

You like burpees? I bet you don't. I don't, I won't lie to you, but it's a hell of a way to get in shape. I've written about how to pump out 100 of these in 5 minutes in a Headsman's Debt (it'll be in STRANGLEHOLD too), but just getting 50 to 100 reps every day will absolutely have an impact on your physique. I would say don't do the jump at the top, just be deliberate in your movements: squat, feet back, full pushup, feet forward, and stand.


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