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Yesterday we were all talking about programming and y'all may know that I love hearing about what everyone is doing split wise and recovery and conditioning and yada yada yada. One of the Goonstapo, aptly dubbed Pillarman, said he runs a mostly hypertrophy split and does rounds of Smolov Jr. for strength gains on specific lifts. Shit blew my mind. So I decided to come up with something like that and name it after his user name. So it's a 4 day split on both hypertrophy and strength phases. Each phase is 3 weeks long.

This is the hypertrophy phase. It's fucking simple, alright? So mix it up each 3 week cycle if you want. You did incline barbell bench last time? Use dumbbells next time. Hammer curls? Now do barbell curls. Got it? You don't have to but it breaks up the monotony. Whatever lifts you choose, KEEP THEM FOR THE FULL 3 WEEKS.

This is the strength phase. It's a less intense Smolov Jr style high frequency percentage based program. Only use big barbell moves for this. Yes you will have to do two days back to back of the same lifts, you won't die. I suggest Day 1 and 2 because they are lower percentage. Deadlifts will be ROUGH if you choose to do it but it is doable with the 5% less. Don't be a pussy. NO ASSISTANCE WORK, this is a blitz so don't fuck yourself up doing assistance shit. Just warm up well doing whatever you need and then get to lifting. Personally I like face pulls before I bench and leg curls before I squat, but these are light and to warm up my shoulders/knees respectively.

Is this dumb? Maybe. But it looks cool and sounds cool. Blastin and cruising dudes. If you have any issues shoot me a message and I'll do my best to help you out.

Adeptus Custodes aka the Emperor's Pillarman Project.


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