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Nightcap Shake

I know I've said you can build muscle and strength without supplements, but adding them can help. Recently I've been taking a nightcap shake and it feels like my recovery is better. This could be just placebo effect but I don't really care, either way it's about 40g+ of additional protein in my diet. And before you give me shit about raw eggs, know this: I do not give a single solitary fuck. I eat local eggs so I'm not worried about whatever weak urbanite immune system Corpus disease you get from raw eggs. I eat enough garlic to gag a fucking donkey so I ain't worried. This is what my shake looks like: 1 scoop of Chocolate Dymatize Whey (25g of protein) 12 oz Whole Milk (12g of protein) 1 large egg (6g of protein) If you're using that frail wire shaker still, straighten it out and shove it into your pee hole because the big fucking flanged mace agitator is what you need.

The shake is filling and won't run through you like water and whey because of the milk and egg. It has a better consistency from the egg and feels more like a milkshake. Now go see Divayth Fyr to cure that Corpus mate.


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