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Mid Back Attack

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Mid Back Attack

Got a weak ass middle back? Does your upper back round all the time when you pull heavy? Do you look like a piece of paper from the side, or do you look like a guy who rings a bell for a living? Would you like to look like one if those pizza eating sewer turtle people? If any of this describes you, then we got you covered.


So what we are looking at here is mostly your lower traps, rhomboids, and spinal erectors. So from the picture you can see that your lower traps run OVER your rhomboids and erectors at the thoracic spine. Isolating this area isn't easy since there is so much going on. Now if you’re deadlift and rowing (like you should be) then you are probably getting enough work in these areas, but if you notice excessive rounding in your upper back when deadlifting or just everyday life, then maybe you should toss some of these moves in.


Most of these movements will involve something of a crunching motion, but in reverse, with your mid back. Sounds dangerous, right? It could be, that's why we are using light weight for time. The video below is the motion you'll use on all the variations.

If you have access to a safety squat bar then use it for this exercise. It sits just right on your traps for the “t spine crunch”. If you are part of the home gym master race or just don't have access to an SSB then a band works just fine. Stand on it and loop it over your head so it sits on your traps like a squat then crunch away. Alternatively, if isolation isn't your thing just try to puff your chest out when you row. I really like this on the T Bar Row, especially the one where your chest is supported. For the isolation, I like doing 3 sets of about 60 seconds, not counting reps just steadily getting the work in. I do this on my back day, and it can also be done at the end of a squat/deadlift day to build up that support. Good luck getting turtle shelled and cowabunga dudes.

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Jacob Ensign
Jacob Ensign
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