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How I'm training (breakdown)

Had an odd amount of dudes interested in breaking down my training so I'll do my best here.


Walking is self explanatory. I walk my dog every morning, weather permitting. Flow is me setting a 5 minute timer and stretching whatever I want or need after the walk. Cuff is rotator cuff/shoulder prehab so shit like face pulls, Cuban presses, pull aparts (mostly pull aparts). Neck is done each training day (TD) with 1-3 sets and one exercise, like I will do 2 sets of neck curls one day and neck harness the next.


This is just when I'm feeling fresh and wanna get in a little workout, or what I do when I'm on the road. Push can be any pushing move in this case, so it could be push-ups or squats or kettlebell presses, you get the idea. Pulls are chins rows snatches swings etc etc. Auxiliary is usually some type of isolation or weird shit like Gada swings. Then cardio is some HIIT like jump rope or sprints.


Simple. Do a little light cardio to get sweating, hip mobility moves, shoulder mobility moves, and some type of plyometric to get the CNS fired up.


These are just the 4 parameters I prefer for cardio. Work rest is like a sprint and stop, while High Low is more of sprint and walk. Get it? One is really intense and you rest, the other is pretty intense but you keep moving. Work for time I like with carries, see how long I can carry/push some big stupid shit. Reps for time I like for calisthenics circuits, like how fast can I do 100 pushups, it's a predetermined rep number like 20 sprints but I measure how long it takes me to do it. Where as work for time is a predetermined amount of time and I see how many reps I can do.


Pretty simple, you all know this one. Each time I go through a whole cycle I will build a new workout, choosing between one or the other between the slashes (this / that). My Auxiliary work is done giant set style without counting reps, I just get a pump with a few sets. Right now I am doing this:

BRO SPLIT I think here is where I need to define the words I'm using and that'll explain this one. The plus signs mean super sets.

BARBARIC RITES Just like 531 for the most part, just with different sets and reps. I use my main lifts for this cycle: regular deads, low bar squat, regular bench, strict press, pendlay row, chinups. Auxiliary work is similar too. The 50-100 rep moves can be whatever, just refer to the bro split for definitions WESTSIDE If you don't understand this one look up WS4SB by Joe DeFranco. He does a better job than I do.


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Sep 22, 2019

Andrik, it's a free download from Paul Waggeners website. You choose your price.

In my opinion it's a short abd worthwhile read. The workout plan is nothing massively ground-breaking, but his words regarding weightlifting mindset alone are more valuable than most "workout plans" given by goobers who lift solely to gain attraction from the weaker sex.


How is Barbaric Rites? I want to buy it but is it good to go?


Runegoon, do you think your old work out you posted some time ago in FB its still good ?

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