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It's been a little while since I've done this, so I figured I would share with the class. Currently with all the school, work, more school, BJJ, Judo, and now Rugby; lifting 5 days a week isn't only not viable, but I think it would be detrimental. So I'm doing a 3 day full body (Training maxes are set low as fuck, at about 80%). I'm about done with my first cycle of 531 and it's feeling good and I'm making progress (check out my log on the forum, then make your own thread so you'll be held accountable).

You all know I like 531, and Jim Wendler is a fucking inspiration. All my deads are double overhand, assistance is done with fat grips, and NO SUPPORT EQUIPMENT is used. I basically build a 7 week routine from the choices provided (between slashes). The bro split is gonna be fun. I love a legs/arms day, it makes driving home from the gym fucking death defying. I'll pick one or two intensity techniques and slap it in each day. This will be a pure mass phase. Barbaric Rites, what a fucking solid program. I cannot stress enough how you should buy this from Paul. It's solid for really anyone who isn't brand new to the gym. THIS IS NOT THE PRESCRIBED WORKOUT! It's close but BR is an upper lower 4 day split, I modified it for 3 days but I'm using the percents and heavy/light prescription Paul laid out. I blacked out the percents because you can literally pay any amount you want for the PDF. If you ask me it's one of the more solid no bullshit routines out there and it should be on your list. So I guess this amalgamation I made would be Goøn Rites haha.


Finally we have Westside. It's more of a Westside for skinny bastards type workout, but I've included alternating Max Effort and Dynamic Effort work on my lower day and back off sets for my Max Effort upper work. I've ran this a few times before and it's good. The DE work is best when you do reps every minute on the minute (EMOM). 50% for 2 reps is easy but not so much when you are putting max force behind it at the top of every minute for 10-12 minutes. If I ME squat, I'll DE dead, and vice versa till I've done two week of squat ME/dead DE and two weeks of squat DE/dead ME (always squat first). I'll always do something different for my Max Effort work no matter what, but I use my conventional lifts for my DE/RE work.

That's a lot of beef.

Anyways there it is, the rest of my year worth of training (probably into next year as well). I suggest you preplan your routines, it's cool to look forward to something.


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