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Garlic: Immunity 101

The MVP of health, taste, and stink. The immunity elixer.

Garlic is among the oldest known horticultural crops. In the Old World, Egyptian and Indian cultures referred to garlic 5000 years ago and there is clear historical evidence for its use by the Babylonians 4500 years ago and by the Chinese 2000 years ago.

I cannot preach enough about the magic that is garlic. This is something you need to make a habit of regularly eating.


Garlic contains allicin when smashed. Allicin is a bioactive antibiotic that can help fight infections and bacteria in sliced, squashed, or diced cloves.

Garlic extracts have been shown to suppress the growth of fungi elements. It's used for high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol or other fats in the blood, and hardening of the arteries. Ancient Egyptians fed their slaves garlic to make sure they had strong immunity to last longer. I eat garlic every day and I couldn't tell you the last time I was down and out from a virus or something, and I had covid twice.

Best methods of eating: 1.) Crush and raw 2.) Fermented in honey 3.) Infused in oil

4.) Lightly cooked My favorite method is taking a baguette and crushing the whole clove of garlic with some sort of dairy or oil to cut the strength.

You can also take a bit of raw honey with the clove to get it down. Eat 1-2 cloves a day for 5-7 days raw when sick or fighting an infection.

Throw a crushed clove into your livestock water and give them the benefits as well.

Cattle fed with garlic emit an odor through their skin and breath that can deter flies. You can also spray livestock down with garlic mixtures to deter pests.

I will be uploading my recipe on how to make fermented honey garlic here soon.


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