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Big boned meat hooks

Wristlets listen up. We are building meaty connection points between your hands and forearm and you better fucking be there or be dead. The wristlet epidemic is a plague sweeping the nation, and I think I've found a cure (or at least a vaccine). Look man I'm not a doctor, but I do have a health related degree and a retard's shit pants full of certs for assorted personal training bullshit, so take what I say with a grain of salt: it's my personal experience. We are gonna grease this pig on two fields: muscular and osteological. One will focus on the muscles of the hand and forearm while the other will attempt to build the bone density of the distal ends of the radius and ulna (that's your forearm dude). Remember: "Pressure builds bone, movement builds muscle".

When baby wrists flex their biceps

MUSCLE This is what your looking for innit? Well it better be. You know I've written a few forearm workouts over the year for dudes who asked for it, and honestly I believe this is something you can train daily at a lower volume and reap a lot of rewards. No beating off isn't a forearm workout, if this crossed your mind you owe me 88 pushups let's go. Shit I like for this would be things like: •Gripper work: you can either do reps or holds here, I prefer a mix of both so like 3 sets of 3-5 reps with 5 second holds each rep. •Thick bar training: I use fat grips for all my accessory work, y'all know that, if you don't like that just do some holds or hangs with the thick bar. 3 sets of 10-30 seconds would be good. •Wrist roller: ROLL BOTH WAYS. The end of a racked barbell with a band works the best for these that way your forearms do the work. 3 sets of 3-5 up and downs, keep er movin. •Wrist curl, Reverse curl: I would do these in the absence of a wrist roller. 3 sets of 20-50 reps, get fucking swollen. •Pronation/Supination, Radial/Ulnar deviation: these are the more vague lifts no one really does. P&S are the twisting of the wrist, going from underhand to overhand (palm to back of the hand), and deviation is the air traffic controller/flagman wrist movement. Either way 3 sets of 10-30 reps work good here for both. •Digit work: guaranteed you only get digit work done with your nose (or gf if you know what your doing). What we are doing here is pulling moves with a few fingers. Deadlifts with your index and middle finger? Sounds good. Pinky finger pullups? Holy fuck that's strong. Remember to start easy, you can fuck up your tendons like this if you have a weak grip and try to pull 405lbs with your ring fingers. I like to start off with full hand for a set, remove a digit for another set, ect till you are using one finger. Then do a set with your weak digits, pinky/ring is a good option. Basically work up and back off.

BONE "Pressure builds bone, movement builds muscle". It's pressure time. Bone is generally porous (tiny holes and gaps). You break these down and they build up stronger, see: Thai boxers kicking down trees and elbowing bricks. The plan of action is to apply a lot of pressure to the wrist and get the bones to grow via shit you normally do. Integration my dudes. I won't have sets and reps here since these are things you might already be doing, and they are all pushing motions. •Boxing: keep your wrist straight and those bones gotta get more dense. •Bottoms up press: Kettlebell pressing with white knuckles and an upward bell. This is also a good warmup for benching. •Pushup variants: knuckle pushups are the go to here, fingertip pushups are good too (mostly for the hand though, but if you can manage them the back of the hand pushup is the way to go. •Lockouts: Just some heavy bench press holds or pin presses. Remember to keep your wrist straight. •Crawling: weird enough this places a lot of pressure on your wrist. Grappling is a type of crawling I guess, but I'm more talking about those NatMove style bear crawls or crab walks. Looks goofy but it's a good one. Solid warmup too.


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