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Artisanal Micropebble Sachet

I hate sand. Living near the water most of my life I have had sand in my asscrack nearly 10,000 days. That being said I do like sandbags (not filling them, GOOD GOD NOT FILLING SANDBAGS STAFF SERGEANT). When it comes to working out at home and doing strictly calisthenics type movements I find that there is a distinct lack of hinge movements that you can perform. Yeah you can bridge or do reverse hypers off a table but there is no calisthenics move that can replicate picking something up off the ground while hinging at the hips. That's why I like sandbags. You can make one dirt cheap (see what I did there?) and it'll last a while.

Here's what you need:

  • Bag of Sand

  • Duct Tape

  • Trash bag (for water proofing)

  • Mil Surp canvas bag

Step 1: Hunt and Gather

So the bag of sand I got has a thick plastic weave to prevent rippage, you dont need this but it will extend the life of your sandbag. As for the tape, any ol duct tape will do. For the water proofing, I would use a thicker black contractor bag if you dont have the ripstop type bag of sand, but all I had laying around was a nice lavender scented trash bag. Dont be picky with your milsurp bag, mine is a barracks bag (whatever the fuck that is) but a traditional sea bag works just fine and in some cases better if you want to add "pig eggs"

Dog helper optional

Step 2: Pig Eggs

Stuff your sandbag into your trash bag and cover that bitch with duct tape. That's it. Now you have a pig egg, which is just a waterproofed duct tape covered bag of sand. If you have a big sea bag and intend to make a heavy loadable sandbag, repeat step 2 until you have a few pig eggs.

Its simple

It aint winning any beauty pageants, but neither are you most likely

Step 3: You're shipping out Johnny

Put your pig egg in your milsurp bag and seal the bag off by any means. This is optional if you're only making a single pig egg I guess, but it does extend the life of the bag.

There it is: a sandbag you can carry around and pick up till your heart pops. I spent a max of 20 USD on the whole thing and I went full bourgeois on the sand/canvas bag I bought, and it only took a grand total of 10 minutes to build because I listened to one MGŁA song. I intend to use this one for bearhug carries while I drag a sled behind me or super set it with bear crawls (thanks Dan John). But sandbag shouldering (ground to shoulder) is a hell of a workout, as is Sandbag Burpee Clean and Press (I vomited just writing this). Anyways this is a simple DIY for some good hinge/carry movements in your arsenal.


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