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Merch is happening really soon. We had to sort out the taxes and VATs, which was an absolute pain in the dick. 20% tax on stuff across the pond? That's aweful. Y'all chuck some tea in the harbor or something. So that should be up by next month after we do a test drive with the Primeval Initiative crew. Also been getting some table time (arm wrestling) and redesigning Wrist Wizard with the new knowledge, so keep a lookout for that. Finally, me and my good buddy are about to start a podcast. It'll be focusing on whatever the hell we wanna talk about but mostly we will be interviewing dudes with cool knowledge/careers, doing some Q&A (I'll be making a link to ask questions in the forum), and generally just bullshitting. Probably gonna get 1 or 2 shows in a month, nothing fancy. I'll be recording Episode 0 today or tomorrow, and that'll give you all the info. Should be on Spotify, Apple music, the website, and wherever else that'll have us.


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