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2021 Ketchup

I can't get on a regular schedule for the website to save my life. We recently had the 1st Primeval Initiative meetup and it was a load of fun. Had a lot less guys come out than expected, thanks Obama. Really the house arrest fake disease kept a lot of our guys home, either because of country lockdown or money issues. Either way we had a good time. Did some smithing, some rasslin, a ton of hiking, some chilly swimming, and drank a ton of beers while telling stories. Another one is on the docket for next year so be on the lookout for the PI invites I'll share here or on the Facebook page.

Which reminds me: I don't have a personal facebook anymore and it's the best choice I ever made. I have some close associates running the page so if you wanna get ahold of me use the RG email. That's right, I answer emails now.

Training is live and there are only 5 slots left open. I decided not to do just personal programs without coaching, it just didn't feel right. Right now there are only 2 tiers. Plus I have a few ebooks lurking around out there for the guys looking for programming. Hope this doesn't piss most everyone off, and I don't mind answering training questions, I just cant keep making personal programs for dudes with no incentive for me outside "thanks bro" and they discard it in 2 weeks for the 5th attempt to make it through 1 cycle of 531 or whatever.

Speaking of ebooks, CROMAGNUM is finished and I'm waiting on the art for the cover. So that should be out shortly for the summer (pit vipers sadly not included). And I have a ton of shirt ideas floating around in my noggin. I just need the time to put them into the cloth.

As for me personally, I have:

Got engaged

Started TRT

Decided to fight in Judo

Started a diet (kinda)

Decided to throw in the Highland Games

Whittled CROMAG down to 3 moves a day

Got back into school

Decided to compete in arm wrestling

Got off the bullshit VA zombie pills

So I hope you are all alive and well and I'll catch you next month with an article that you'll probably read all the way through.


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Joki Hopps
Joki Hopps

im glad Pi went well im sure as it builds up youll get better attendance also thats cool you got to throw in the highland games what are you going to school for?



I'm glad PI went well! I'm hoping I manage to attend it someday. Good luck with the Judo competitions, that's one art that I just can't seem to learn well


Glad to hear that Primeval went good. Sadly for attendance, but it is what it is. Next one prolly better. Keep up the good work.

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